Hello Rsync open source community,

We are in the process of the data  migration from RHEL NFS Server into NetApp 
using "rsync 3.1.3 with -XAavzHP  -inplace  --filter= '-x system.posix_acl'  
/source_NFSv4 /destination_NFSv4  " options :

Current NFS Exports have legacy POSIX ACLs applied on some files, the reason we 
are using "-XA" is because we also have NFS v4 ACLs to copy and this works.

Our problem or question is about POSIX ACL, when we mount source as NFS v4 and 
destination as NFS v4, it seems like all the POSIX ACLs being converted into 
NFS v4 ACLs and that's the result we need, however there is no documentation  
stating that this is an expected behavior.

What I described above is completely satisfying as even if we mount the same 
destination filesystem as NFS v3 after copying data, the access list works and 
provide an access RWX (whatever) is applied.

The question is if this is expected behavior?

Thank you all in advance,

Alex Umanski

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