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--- Comment #4 from Sébastien Béhuret <> ---
Quick workaround to find backdated files that may be -wrongly- ignored by

# print if ctime > mtime
find /path/to/source/ -type f -exec bash -c 'test `stat -c "%Z" "{}"` -gt `stat
-c "%Y" "{}"`' \; -print

However, on a regular system, most files will be backdated, e.g. if they have
been moved or permissions/ownership were altered, which makes the above command

A practical use case is the following: An initial transfer was done a year ago
and we want to update the destination incrementally. To find backdated files
that may be ignored by rsync, we have to look for files that were backdated
after the original transfer:

# print if ctime - mtime > 1y (31536000s)
# difference between the time of the original transfer and the time of the
incremental update
find /path/to/source/ -type f -exec bash -c 'test `expr \`stat -c "%Z" "{}"\` -
\`stat -c "%Y" "{}"\`` -gt 31536000' \; -print

Re-opening this bug report as there is currently no satisfactory solution to
ensure rsync will transfer all modified files during incremental updates.

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