recently I had to sync really huge files (VM images), represented
either as block devices (on one or both sides) or as regular files.

It *seemed* that Rsync didn't work well with block devices (the
--copy-devices didn't 'work for me, maybe I'm stupid or it's broken in
the Rsync that ships with Debian bullseye). And additionally I ran into
performance and resource issues using Rsync for huge files. 

While this all can be my fault, I started a small project "bmapfs": a
fuse driver that maps the huge file (or device) as a directory of files
representing blocks of the backing file (or device).

Using Rsync now on these smaller files I circumvented the above
mentioned issues (be they real or just a result of my stupidity).

Maybe you find bmapfs useful for other scenarios too. I'd be happy if
you provide me feedback of *any* kind.


    Best regards from Dresden/Germany
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    Heiko Schlittermann
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