Kevin Korb <> le 29/06/2023 04:52:
--itemize-changes will cause rsync to tell you what it thinks is

Hi, thank you so much! Today I used a little different way of doing it, and another computer, and the behaviour is the same. It seems that the reason is a different timestamp. So the whole file is replaced just for this? I've always read that Rsync was using an advanced checksum mecanism instead of timestamps-only?

different.  Also, -z is counter-productive when rsync isn't networking.

Thanks again. It seems that "--progress" is redondant with "-P"(but it's because I use a list of rsync commands skeletons, and some doesn't have "-P" and I want to be sure to always have the progress indication). But, since I will now always use "-i", do "-v" and "--progress" add something to "-i"?

Sincerely, Stephane Ascoet

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