Kevin Korb <> le 29/06/2023 22:43:

-i, -v, and --progress all only affect the output.

Bonjour, of course I know ;-)

adds a header and footer and --progress of course adds the per-file
progress bar.

Thanks, that what I wanted to know, so I keep them all.

as those 2 options are very different and I don't really see why they
should go together.

I fully agree but I don't like long options ;-p

Are you so sure rsync actually copies the file? It should correct the timestamp 
and tell you it did.

Of that what it should do! But I'm sure not: the target is a very low-quality-and-performance USB key. I had to do it on another computer witch write on it a little less slow, otherwise I would have last forever with less than 3 kb/s. And looking the FS during the transfer, I saw the temporary files being written. And since I was using --backup, the files has been backuped... only to be replaced by exactly the same thing :-(

So this disable a lot of interest in Rsync :-( Isn't there a way to disable "--whole-file"?

Even if, I must admit, the source problem is the changes in timestamps. It's a mystery, it seems that there was an exact one-hour difference each time. So I suppose it's related to timezone, but how can this be? Is it the fact that the source is in Vfat(but almost always used under GNU/Linux) and target in Ext2? However, "date -r {file}" was saying "GMT+2" in both cases... I don't know and don't have time to investigate on this.

Another strange thing, regarding this mailing list this time: I'm subscribed in digest mode, but this doesn't prevent some mails to be missing. For example, in the thread "copy to destination only new files" one week ago, I got the two from but not the one from Robin Lee Powell
Sincerely, Stephane

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