just for the records.

To disable the check for outgoing emails if they
contain Adresses RT thinks they will create a loop
you have to create


and disable there the check.

To be able to enter a RT adress without error messages in the
WebUI you have to create

and disable there the check.

I also found the check here:
no idea when this wil be used.


* In incomming emails, the queue email adress is removed.
* I can create a ticket in the WebUI set the requestor/cc/admincc to a "RT" 
mail address.
* My procmail recipes prevents RT loops but send the mail to the queue staff



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> Von: "Sternberger, Sven" <sven.sternber...@desy.de>
> An: rt-users@lists.bestpractical.com
> Gesendet: Mittwoch, 28. Januar 2015 10:40:32
> Betreff: RT customize SendEmail.pm

> Hello!
> I want to modify the SendEmail.pm module, to disable the
> check for RTAdresses, so we want to send emails
> even if RT thinks they are RT email adresses.
> I would copy the file SendEmail.pm to "SendEmail_Local.pm" and remove
> these lines
>    $self->RecipientFilter(
>        Callback => sub {
>            return unless RT::EmailParser->IsRTAddress( $_[0] );
>            return "$_[0] appears to point to this RT instance. Skipping";
>        },
>        All => 1,
>    );
> would this work?
> regards!
> Sven
> Sven Sternberger
> System Engineer
> Tel.: 040/8998-4397

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