I have a very newbie question. For whatever reason, RT4 either doesn't see or 
can't talk to FastCGI on either a Debian or FreeBSD setup. I've re-set it up a 
few different times but must be missing some step of the process. I have 
resorted to directly running rt-server with Starman, but after a day or two of 
uptime the machine's RAM is all used up and the rt-server process is suck at 
consuming 100% of CPU power.

I've had it almost working with apache, nginx and lighttpd, but every time it 
doesn't think FastCGI is there!

Apologies if this is sent to the wrong list for this sort of thing. I know it's 
not really a Request Tracker issue that I can't get it to run on my web servers 
but I'm wondering if there's something about FastCGI setup I'm unaware of.

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