On Tue, Oct 27, 2015 at 11:06 AM, Shea Alterio <s...@forcedexposure.com> wrote:
> I have a very newbie question. For whatever reason, RT4 either doesn't see or 
> can't talk to FastCGI on either a Debian or FreeBSD setup. I've re-set it up 
> a few different times but must be missing some step of the process. I have 
> resorted to directly running rt-server with Starman, but after a day or two 
> of uptime the machine's RAM is all used up and the rt-server process is suck 
> at consuming 100% of CPU power.
> I've had it almost working with apache, nginx and lighttpd, but every time it 
> doesn't think FastCGI is there!
> Apologies if this is sent to the wrong list for this sort of thing. I know 
> it's not really a Request Tracker issue that I can't get it to run on my web 
> servers but I'm wondering if there's something about FastCGI setup I'm 
> unaware of.

We run 4.2.11 on Debian wheezy/jessie hybrid.

What does your apache configs look like?

What does your apache errors say?

Did you follow the instructions? (web_deployment.pod)


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