I'm not sure I understand correctly?

You mentioned everyone in your group being responsible for each queue.
That sounds like the people in your group are the "Admins" (RT calls people who 
work on tickets Admins).

If this is true, Admins probably shouldn't be using the SelfService interface.
SelfService pages are intended for Requestors (the people who want help and 
requested tickets) to check on their OWN tickets, not all the tickets in the 

In the top navigation bar, choose Admin -> Queues -> Select
Then click on a queue to configure it.
On the Queue Configuration page, use "Group Rights" and/or "User Rights" to 
manage the permissions for that queue.

I think for someone in your group to see all the tickets in that queue, you 
will need to select (at a minimum) "View Queue" (SeeQueue) and "View Ticket 
Summaries" (ShowTicket) rights.

If you are just getting started with RT, please see the documentation online at 
Also, the training sessions that Best Practical offers are a fantastic way to 
learn a great deal about the product!
There are some very old (RT version 3?) videos on youtube that may be helpful 

-          Brent

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I have rt4.2.12  working fine in my society and I have my group. I want that 
every one of my group be responsible of ech queue so I want that every user see 
all the tickets of the queue under his responsibility when he logged in in the 
Please help me

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