I've been trying to do an autoresponse on create with SLA Due date inside the 
message with RT 4.4. It almost works for me. The template I'm using is at the 
bottom of the email.

When manually triggering the template using rt-crontool on an existing ticket, 
it works fine. The problem is - that because the SLA is actually set *after* 
the ticket has been created, the Due date will be 0 (Jan 1 1970) which means it 
doesn't actually work. I get Thursday at 01.00 AM localtime which corresponds 
just fine to 1 Jan 1970 00.00 UTC.

I'm using the scrips pretty much out of the box right now, except I've tried 
re-ordering the scrip "On Create Autoreply To Requestors" by prepending "ZZ" to 
the description as in http://requesttracker.wikia.com/wiki/ScripExecOrder but 
this does not seem to have actually helped.

Irrespective of that, when looking at the history this is what I get:

-          Ticket Created

-          Outgoing email Recorded (from the autoresponse)

-          Start date set (using SLA)

-          Due date set (using SLA)

Any idea what I might try in order to have the Due Date set at the time of 
generating the autoresponse?


This is the template I'm using:

Subject: AutoReply: {$Ticket->Subject}
Content-Type: text/html

(blah blah)

<p>Vår målsättning är att svara på alla ärenden inom fyra arbetstimmar.
Förvänta dig alltså ett svar senast på <b>{
my $tz = "Europe/Stockholm";
my ($sec,$min,$hour,$mday,$mon,$year,$wday,$ydaym,$isdst,$offset) = 

my $dt = DateTime::->new(
    locale => "sv_SE",
    time_zone => "UTC",
    year => $year,
    month => $mon,
    day => $mday,
    hour => $hour,
    minute => $min,
    second => $sec,
    nanosecond => 0,

$dt->format_cldr("cccc 'kl.' k.mm");

(blah blah)

{$Transaction->Content(Type => 'text/html')}
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