Le 27/04/2016 18:30, Dave Florek a écrit :
> Hi,
> I'm about to import a large amount of ticketing data into the RT SQL
> database. I spotted three sections in the SQL db
> (objectcustomfieldvalues, attachments, tickets) to import the data to.
> Since I'm unfamiliar with the db backend, can I generate any of my own
> set of identifiers as long as they aren't duplicate of the identifiers
> that are already present in the SQL db?

I strongly suggest to use the RT perl API by writting a script taht does
sql in source DB and create tickets/users/rt objects using the RT API.
Doing this with RT cli is possible but will be very slow will not allow
you to skip some internal RT auto-et of values (such as Created date for
transactions, tickets, ...).

Here is an example script I did to import tickets from a third party DB
(ICW) into RT. It's just an example as it was done for a one shot
execution and very specific needs, but this way we imported more than
300k tickets with users/history/customfields.

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