You are right, thanks for the input.

I'm trying to set up a custom Lifecycle that I want to use in a few Queues, but 
seemingly I cant manage to get the configuration to be activated (Still only 
have the option Default, in the lifecycle dropdown.

Here is the config, from RT_SiteConfig.pm, server is rebooted after config 
change, is there something wrong with this or is it something changed in RT 

Set(%Lifecycles, Kundservice => {
        initial         => [qw(new)], # loc_qw
        active          => [qw(open)], # loc_qw
        inactive        => [qw(stalled resolved rejected deleted)], # loc_qw
        transitions => {
            ""       => [qw(new open resolved)],

            # from   => [ to list ],
            new      => [qw(    open stalled resolved rejected deleted)],
            open     => [qw(new      stalled resolved rejected deleted)],
            stalled  => [qw(new open         rejected resolved deleted)],
            resolved => [qw(new open stalled          rejected deleted)],
            rejected => [qw(new open stalled resolved          deleted)],
            deleted  => [qw(new open stalled rejected resolved        )],


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Ämne: Re: Stalled tickets - Open on comment/reply?

Hi Joel,

There is indeed a scrip that auto-changes the status of inactive tickets back 
to active when a customer replies. However, stalled is not considered an 
inactive status in the default life cycle. Feel free to correct me if I'm 
wrong, but due to this the built-in scrip will not change the status to open 
when a ticket gets updated while in stalled status.

Below is a portion of the default lifecycle, anything in inactive will cause 
the ticket's status to be updated.

    default => {
        initial         => [qw(new)], # loc_qw
        active          => [qw(open stalled)], # loc_qw
        inactive        => [qw(resolved rejected deleted)], # loc_qw


Zoey Schutt

Braincoral Technology, LLC

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Perhaps this is not a bug, but stalled tickets that gets updated via email from 
external parties, didn't this previously change the status of the ticket to 

In RT 4.4 it seems not to work, and cant seem to make it work with custom scrip 
either (due to lack of perl skills).

Is this a bug or supposed to work in this way?

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