Could anyone assist with this scrip?

This matches $match2 at every time, regardless if both $match1 and $match2 is 
present in the subject-line. Hence the If(index part is not working, any good 
perl-people that can correct it? Both matches must be present to not return 0;

my $match1 = "InformationX";
my $match2 = "[Y]";
my $subject = $self->TicketObj->Subject;
if (index(lc($subject), ($match1 && $match2)) eq -1)
return 0;
else {
return 1 if $self->TicketObj->IsWatcher(
    Type => 'Requestor', Email => ''
return 0;


Från: rt-users [] För Joel 
Skickat: den 5 oktober 2016 15:25
Ämne: [rt-users] Match isWatcher and part of subjectline

Anyone has some cool code to match something like this: If iswatcher is <my 
match> then check if subject contains <my match2> return 1;  else return 0;

I cant get this simple stuff to work, perl isn't my thing :-)

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