Joel Bergmark Writes:
>Could anyone assist with this scrip?
>This matches $match2 at every time, regardless if both $match1 and $match2 is 
>present in the subject-line. Hence the If(index part is not working, any good 
>perl-people that can correct it? Both matches must be present to not return 0;
>my $match1 = "InformationX";
>my $match2 = "[Y]";
>my $subject = $self->TicketObj->Subject;
>if (index(lc($subject), ($match1 && $match2)) eq -1)

The "&&" operator is a logical short-circuit AND.  If the first op ($match1) is 
false it returns false without evaluating the second op ($match2).
Neither $match1 nor $match2 is a logical, so it makes no sense.

Try this instead:
   if ((index(lc($subject), $match1) >= 0) && (index(lc($subject), $match2) >= 

Another consideration: you are testing against a lower case version of the 
subject, yet both strings have upper case characters.  You will never find 
either string.

You need to AND the result of both index functions, to verify both are found.


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