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On Mon, Oct 10, 2016 at 5:07 PM, Alex Hall <ah...@autodist.com> wrote:
> After a few more repeats of some of the below steps, suddenly things worked.
> I'm embarrassed to say I may have forgotten to specify rt441.* when granting
> privileges, instead only entering rt441. In any case, the upgrade finally
> ran, and I appear to be okay, save one thing: those RT_SiteConfig.d files.
> They're there, but I can't figure out how to make them apply. The
> 'update-rt-siteconfig' command still seems to be working on the 4.2.8
> install, not the new 4.4.1. I'm not sure how to get it to work on the new
> install.

RT_SiteConfig.d was a Debian-ism until 4.4 - then it became upstream.

In RT 4.4.x you no longer need to run the update-rt-siteconfig - that
is only applicable to Debian RT 4.2.

In RT 4.4.x the config gets dynamically built when the web server is started.

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