Greetings Folks:

I successfully installed RT on a virtual machine and it has been a non-stop learning marathon for 12+ hrs non stop. If you are as new as me in RT, please reply to my message, and perhaps we can have a conference call (at my expense) to do some sort of study group session, so we can share knowledge.

Its easiest to learn when there are friendly tutors. FYI, I have acquired the following knowledge the very hard way.
1.  Setup / Installation.  (The hardest part)
2.  Creating Users
3.  Creating Groups
4.  Understanding Permissons
5.  Enabling watchers
6.  Configuring Fetch Mail with SSL option to a gmail account (for testing)
7.  Configuring Sendmail / Exim and smart host
8.  Purging / Shredding tickets

What I would like to learn is:
1.  Create Random Ticket numbers.
2.  Suppress "RT System Itself - Outgoing email recorded"
3.  Customization of Auto ticket reply.
4. Assigning tickets / transferring to someone else (when not logged in as root)
5.  3rd Party CRM integration basics.

Thanks in advance to all the folks here, specially the creators of RT.


RT 4.4 and RTIR training sessions, and a new workshop day!
* Boston - October 24-26
* Los Angeles - Q1 2017

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