You write:
>I'm more confused the more I look at my configuration files problem.
>According to my system configuration page, RT is loading four files:
>,, RT_SiteConfig.d/, and
>RT_SiteConfig.d/ It is simply ignoring and
>, which are the most vital of the four. I've run perl
>-c on all four files, and all of them come back with no errors. What might
>cause RT to skip two files like this? If the files are invalid somehow,
>where would I find that out? /var/log/messages is reporting only the
>expected warning about my WebDomain being incorrect, but nothing about any
>files failing to load or invalid directives anywhere. I now know the source
>of my problem, but have no idea how I might fix it. Has anyone ever seen
>this before?

Wild shot in the dark:
Check owner, group, and r/w permissions.
Do all four files have the same values?

If this fixes things, post to the list the fix so others can benefit.

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