We just went live with RT 4.4.1 and it seems that LDAP authentication is

It has now died 2 days in a row, at approximately the same time.

The RT log is showing the following error:
2819] [Mon Nov 21 21:10:28 2016] [critical]:
RT::Authen::ExternalAuth::LDAP::_GetBoundLdapObj Can't bind:

This seems like a generic LDAP error, and it's not pointing us to a
specific issue.

The user that we are binding with is a user that was in-use on our RT 3.8.X
environment that hadn't had an issue in years (3?).

Restarting apache resolves the immediate issue, but clearly there is
something else going on that we should be able to fix permanently. Anyone
have any ideas on where to look?

This didn't come up in our testing, but I don't believe we had the volume
of credential testing that we do in prod.

Any help would be great!

P.S. The LDAP server is a Microsoft Active Directory server. This same
server was being used for ExternalAuth extension in 3.8.


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