Hi Michel, Mike,

> On Dec 2, 2016, at 14:02, Michel Daoust <midao...@nosm.ca> wrote:
> On successful binds, the username/password combination was correct, as 
> specified in our config. We waited for the LDAP bind error to happen and when 
> it did, we found this in the log:
> ldap_user: ldap_user_account, ldap_pass:Password not printed. (literal 
> Password not Printed). This is whats causing the bind to fail. For some 
> reason, RT is sending the masked password string (used in the web ui when 
> looking at system configs), which of course isn't the right password for the 
> bind account.

Thank you for this detailed bug report. I think I've identified the issue; it's 
indeed what you're describing. When you visit the system configuration page, RT 
accidentally overwrites the LDAP password in memory as part of obfuscating it. 
The fix looks straightforward; we'll get it into RT 4.4.2.

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