Hi all,
We just ran into a situation I expect to happen somewhat frequently. A
graphics worker was CC-ed on a customer service ticket. Graphics would be
overwhelmed with useless information if we gave them access to the Customer
Service queue, and CS people don't care about graphics. But sometimes,
queues do need to cross like this. Of course, Mr. Graphics couldn't view
the ticket because it was a CS ticket, even though he'd been CC-ed and even
gotten an email about it.

What I'd like to do is grant ticket viewing rights to anyone CC-ed into a
ticket, regardless of group membership. Is that possible to do? I know we
could make teams or temporary groups, but I'd prefer an automated solution
that doesn't require even more work from a staff who are only grudgingly
using the new ticket system to begin with. :) Thanks for any help.

Alex Hall
Automatic Distributors, IT department
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