Martin Wheldon writes:
> You might want to checkout the perl module Regex::Common::Email::Address

I looked at that
        Provides a regex to match email addresses as defined by RFC 2822. Under
        C<{-keep}>, the entire match is kept as C<$1>. If you want to parse that
        further then pass it to C<< Email::Address->parse() >>. Don't worry,
        it's fast.

This is from 2005, and the that RFC was replaced by 5322, which is what the big 
regex I gave was from.

The Wikipedia has even more relevant info on email addresses:
It talks about support for foreign character sets, quoted normally invalid 
characters, allowed comments, and do on.  Basically, it is nearly complete 
chaos.  Check out their "valid" and "invalid" examples, as well as the 
internationalization example.

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