Hi Aaron,

> On Jan 21, 2017, at 15:00, Aaron White <w53...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi all. I have 4.4.1 installed on a latest rev centos 6 box. We utilize smime 
> to encrypt emails to our users, and that has been working just fine. The 
> issue I'm experiencing is that when I open the web dialog to create a ticket, 
> ensure 'encrypted' is checked, drag an attachment over the Dropbox area (to 
> which I see the upload bar complete and I see a pic of the jpg I attached), 
> and submit the ticket... I get an encrypted email from RT as expected, 
> however no attachment.

We believe we have a fix for this issue, which will be included in RT 4.4.2. If 
you're adventurous you're welcome to run the patch locally:



Please let us know how it goes.

> Thanks!


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