Hi all. I have 4.4.1 installed on a latest rev centos 6 box. We utilize smime 
to encrypt emails to our users, and that has been working just fine. The issue 
I'm experiencing is that when I open the web dialog to create a ticket, ensure 
'encrypted' is checked, drag an attachment over the Dropbox area (to which I 
see the upload bar complete and I see a pic of the jpg I attached), and submit 
the ticket... I get an encrypted email from RT as expected, however no 
attachment. Additionally, when I look at the ticket in the web portal, it lists 
a 'smime.p7s' file as an attachment.. instead of my cat.jpg file.  If I create 
a ticket without encryption, the attachment behaves as expected (email includes 
cat.jpg, web page for ticket shows cat,jpg as an attachment). If I attach 
cat.jpg to the encrypted ticket after it is already created, the attachment 
shows up as expected. 

 I haven't been able to find any related posts online about the smime.p7s file 
via google, outside of some folks accepting that they exist and desire to have 
them Automatically trimmed from the database. Does anyone have any suggestions 
on where I can poke to get some additional insight here? I've looked at the 
debug logs and callback dumps... nothing stood out as an error with attachments 
or smime..


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