Hi all,

I have an unusual situation and looking for the best solution which I hope
you can help with!

Currently, we have 3 support Users managing our RT.  1 of those 3 users will
be deployed to manage the support queue 1 week at a time on a rotation
basis,  so USER A will do week 1, then next week it is USER B and then USER
C the week after that.  The other 2 Users not on RT will be carrying out
other duties so we can only have 1 on at any given time.

At then end of each week, we need to reassign the tickets to the user who
till be taking over RT the following week.  Let's say USER A has finished RT
duty on a Friday evening and is then going to handover his work to USER B. 
Logically, he would just change the owner of all his tickets from USER A to

The problem with that is, the "Last Updated" field will change so when USER
B starts on Monday morning, he'll see all his tickets last updated date are
all "3 days ago".

This makes tickets difficult to manage.  We like to know exactly when a
ticket was last replied to, received from or commented on which helps us to
prioritise our workload.  Normally just sorting by 'Last Updated' is handy
so we know which tickets haven't been updated in the longest amount of time.

There are 2 ways I can think of other than the obvious (get more support

1) Prevent 'Last Updated' field from updating when a ticket has changed
owner.  Is this possible?

2) Leave all open tickets unassigned.  (Would prefer to avoid doing this if
at all possible).

Many thanks in advance, I hope I've explained myself well enough!

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