I've run into a issue (on RT 4.2.9) where an overly large attachment will
cause my (OS X Sierra) server to become resource starved.  My guess is that
somewhere between Apache, FastCGI, RT, and postfix, attempting to send
(e.g.) a 50MB attachment using the "On Create Notify AdminCcs" scrip is
causing a timeout or similar.

$MaxAttachmentSize relates to the database, so doesn't seem helpful in this
case.  And was the only setting I could find.

I do like receiving email notifications on create (or modify) so I don't
want to disable the scrip.

>From what I can tell the best thing to do would be to:

 - copy NotifyOwnerOrAdminCc.pm to something like
 - set "On Create Notify AdminCcs" to use NotifyOwnerOrAdminCcWithLimits.pm
 - in NotifyOwnerOrAdminCcWithLimits.pm figure out how to check the
attachment size and either attach (if small) or link (if large)

Within NotifyOwnerOrAdminCc.pm my guess is that I would want to override
AddAttachment() from SendEmail.pm

... at which point my Perl-fu starts to fail me.

Does this seem like the right solution (to avoiding the sending of large
email attachments)?  And does the rough outline of my plan make sense?



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