I've been beating my head against this for days now and can't figure this out. 
I original had (as much as possible) a clone of our production environment in a 
lab. I reached a point where I was forced to re-IP the lab environment which 
went well. Now, rt-mailgate simply doesn't work. Outbound mail does work 
(postfix). If I use the /etc/aliases file for commands like I usually to, 
fetchmail attempts to contact an SMTP server for local delivery. If I actually 
embed the rt-mailgate command inside fetchmailrc I now get "http request 
failed: 500 can't connect to SERVER:80. Web server logs may have more info". I 
can't find anything.

I've put in a new mail server to see if that was the issue, but I simply cannot 
get the lab server to pick up mail anymore. As far as I can tell, DNS is 
functioning properly. What am I missing?

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