Hi Jeff, Reshad, et. al,
thank you for the opportunity to present and discuss new BFD works in
London. I'd like to propose the following topics:

   - use of BFD Demand mode in BFD over MPLS p2p LSP (based on
   - non-IP encapsulation of BFD control packet over p2mp MPLS LSP (based
   on  draft-mirsky-mpls-p2mp-bfd)
   - use of BFD in MPLS-SR (based of  draft-mirsky-spring-bfd)
   - use of p2mp BFD over shared-media, e.g. Ethernet, segment (VRRP and
   PIM-SM) (based on  draft-mirsky-bfd-p2mp-vrrp-use-case and
   - and, last but not least, clarification of BFD bootstrap by LSP ping
   over MPLS p2p LSP and interest in RFC5884bis (based on


On Thu, Feb 15, 2018 at 1:22 PM, Jeffrey Haas <jh...@pfrc.org> wrote:

> Working Group,
> BFD has requested a meeting slot for IETF 101 in London.  IETF is little
> over a month away.
> This is a call for topics for our session.  Even if you think you've
> requested a slot, please respond in thread so all can see the request for
> discussion on the topic.
> As is our tradition, please try to reserve requests for timeslots for
> DISCUSSION, rather than simply a powerpoint update on a diff between two
> versions of the draft.
> -- Jeff & Reshad

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