We're still in active development. Most of our recent efforst are
around two areas: alternative debugger support (for the ruby-debug
library in Ruby) and solidifying/integrating GSoC work on type
inferrencing and also refactoring work done by Mirko Stocker and his
crew. We have nightly builds available on a separate update site (the
url is posted on our Sourceforge download page) - they should build
fine on Eclipse 3.2.

You might also want to subscribe to our developer's mailing list. It
gives a little better insight into what's going on.

As for being busy - I am very much so right now - so I haven't been
able to do much recently. I just got married and returned from my
honeymoon yesterday. So I should have a little more time to devote
closer to Christmas time - but we are pushing for a 0.9.0 release as
soon as we can get a solid looking candidate.


On 11/19/06, Paul Rogers <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Hi Chris,
> You seem to be one of the key guys on the RDT project, so I thought I'd drop
> you a note to ask about the current project status. I'm working on a
> candidate open source project in Ruby, and prefer to use Eclipse as the IDE.
> However, it seems that RDT activity has fallen off quite a bit since June.
> I've hunted around on the SourceForge, RubyPeople and Late to the Party
> sites, but I can't get a good sense of current project status.
> Some problems: The latest release (0.8.0) was last April. The debugger
> (which is what I really want) won't show variables when using RDT with
> Eclipse 3.2. I tried downloading both the 0.8.0 code and the trunk code, but
> both have compile errors in Eclipse 3.2. Project plans seem to be out of
> date; referring to work to be done in the summer of code, but nothing more
> recent.
> Should I even be using RDT, or has some other alternative emerged as the
> preferred tool? Is there active development to fix the Eclipse 3.2 &
> debugger issues; or has the team gotten busy with your "real" jobs?
> I might be able to help a bit. I was one of the architects of the BIRT
> project within Eclipse. Who (or what forum) is the right place to ask newbie
> questions such as "what's the current status of the next release", "what
> does each plugin do" and "how do I get it built using the latest Eclipse?"
> RDT is a great start, especially for those of us that use Eclipse already.
> I'd love to see it move ahead.
> Thanks!
>     - Paul
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