I did check it out, but it seems there's no and or maven build file... Since there's a build.properties, I'm guessing you forgot to put it there.

    As long as trunk builds, I can assure you that we'll upgrade regularly, use it and give you lots of feedback.


Werner Schuster (murphee) wrote:
Ricardo Trindade wrote:
    Since there's no apparent way to select jruby as the interpreter, I 
usually run jruby apps with a java run, specifying jruby's main as the 
main class, and the current selected file as the argument (via 
${resource_loc}). Setting breakpoints in ruby code in this config 
doesn't work (I really wasn't expecting it to work, but still tried.)
In short: it's working right now, the code for it lives over @
This is a seperate plugin that provides a JRuby VM config and this
allows debugging JRuby code (breakpoints only at the moment, due to some
problem with

If you're really courageous you can try the CVS version of the plugin
(Note: this'll need the latest in RDT (what will be RDT 0.9).)
OR you can wait a week (or so) - I'll put up a cleaned up version on an
update site.


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