I'm curious if the core team would consider as an intended use case or if 
anyone has successfully implemented multi-database configuration to 
implement postgres-schema-based, subdomain-driven multitenancy. I would 
love if a database.yml like the following…

production_default: &production_default
  <<: *default
  database: my_app_production
  migrations_paths: db/tenants

    <<: *production_default
    schema_search_path: public,extensions,tenant_1
    <<: *production_default
    schema_search_path: public,extensions,tenant_2

…could properly set the appropriate connection with some 
connection-switching glue code.

I would love to move away from directly manipulating the schema_search_path 
from app code and overloading databases.rake tasks, but in my brief spike 
on using multi-database configuration as a trojan horse for multi-schema 
configuration, I got the sense I was headed towards pain.

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