I'm running into a problem when using fragment caching with active record 

Rails 6 uses a combination of collection.cache_key and 
collection.cache_version to determine whether a fragment cache is fresh or 
not. However, there is a scenario where the collection might change while 
collection.cache_key and collection.cache_version stay the same.

It happens when you use a limit on the collection and then destroy one of 
those records, as long as it's not the most recent one. This way 
collection.cache_key will stay the same, because the query does not change. 
And collection.cache_version will stay the same as well, because the 
collection count will remain unchanged as does the maximum updated_at 
timestamp of the most recent record.

I've build a sample app for demonstration purposes:


The readme describes a way to reproduce the issue via the website itself, 
or the Rails console.

Would this be considered a bug or expected behavior? Are there any known 
work arounds?

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