Hi All,

The thing which I often use on my *CLI* is *rails routes* 

I either use grep to filter out a specific route I want or I use controller 
level filtering using *rails routes -c InboundEmails*

But I and some of my friends struggled to see output clearly, as there are 
just too many columns, long routes, and such a small screen. (I am talking 
about a regular laptop) 

The regular output looks like:

*Prefix | Verb | URI | Controller#Action*

And there is *no direct option for column level filtering*, So either some 
of us reduce fonts or use *awk* type things and using a shell 
script/shortcut to reduce the output.

I would prefer having a clean approach wherein we can pass arguments to *rails 
routes* command something like *bundle exec rails routes -c InboundEmails 
-f verb,path,reqs*

And the out will look like:

*Verb | URI | Controller#Action*

It will easily filter out the columns If someone doesn't need it, no need 
to use *awk* things anymore.

Also, it would be an optional use case so other people who are happy about 
the current approach don't see a change and developer experience remains 
the same.

Let me know what you think. I can quickly put up a working code for the 


   - I am proposing this only for Command-Line.
   - I need a better alias than *-f*, so all suggestions are welcome.


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