Hi Nerdture,

I'm not a core team member, but I believe that there's currently no 
documented way of accessing a file before the record has been saved (more 
precisely, before the after_commit callback). There is, however, 
`attachment_changes` hash, which keeps track of what changes are made. You 
should be able to access the attachment with `record.attachment_changes['
pv_file']`. Keep in mind that this is undocumented internal api, so it 
could change in the future.

On Wednesday, December 4, 2019 at 2:05:50 PM UTC+1, Nerdture wrote:
> I am working on building an API front end for a 3rd Party API.  In 
> addition to collecting the file from my user, I also need to post the file 
> to the 3rd Party Service.
> The only way I have been able to get the actual file contents is to 
> download it again after it has been saved.
> class Template < ApplicationRecord
>     has_one_attached :pv_file
> ...
>     post_body << self.pv_file.blob.download
> I want to have a before create filter that throws an error if the 3rd 
> Party API rejects the file (e.g. wrong format, service unavailable, etc), 
> but the only way I have found to access the file content is by downloading 
> it again.
> How can we access the actual file content before it has been saved and 
> uploaded?

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