take a look at this patch - it should solve your problem

- kangax

On Mar 7, 9:55 am, Walter Lee Davis <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> I have a set of observers applied to a div to make a child of that
> div (a close box) appear or disappear when the parent div is moused
> over/out. I am seeing some very odd behavior and I am not sure where
> to start looking for clues.
> I'm using the latest Prototype and Scriptaculous.
> An absolutely positioned DIV contains an inline table and a child
> absolutely positioned div containing the close button. The close
> button is set to appear when the parent DIV is moused over, and it
> does. The close button is set to disappear when you mouse out of the
> parent DIV.
> Unfortunately, the mouseover / out event fires every time you cross
> any sort of child content boundaries. So in this case, it fires when
> you move over one cell or another in the table, or when you cross one
> of the paragraphs inside one of the table cells. So the close box
> appears and disappears with sickening frequency.
> Does this ring a bell for anyone? I have tried a whole lot of
> different approaches to fix this, but nothing seems to work.
> Walter
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