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> Isn't hasOwnProperty missing in Safari < 2.0.2 ?

Apparently, propertyIsEnumerable is an alternative but I think it's
missing from those versions too.

I probably should also mention that the only robust way to use for..in
is to implement object creation using a scheme where you know exactly
the propreties to include or ignore.  You might like to try this one
in Firefox and IE:

var t = {};
      t.hasOwnProperty('__proto__') + '\n' +
      t.hasOwnProperty('__parent__') + '\n' +

Perahps an alternative is to see if the property exists in an
unextended $A:

  var testArray = $A();
  for (var p in obj) {
    if (!(p in testArray)) {
      // p is not a property of $A

Another strategy is to modify Prototype.js so that all methods added
to Array.prototype also have a dontEnum property added that is set to
true, something like:

  Object.extend(Array.prototype, {
    _each: function(iterator) {
    toJSON: function() {

  for (var p in Array.prototype) {
    Array.prototype[p].dontEnum = true;

Which assumes all the additions are objects, which seems OK, and

  for (var p in obj) {
    if (!obj[p].dontEnum) {

Noting that you can't actually make any property DontEnum using native
code.  The last approach is untested, feel free to criticise.

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