Antti Kantee writes ("maintenance"):
> I am currently not in a situation in which I will maintain the rump 
> kernel core in my spare time.  In practice, anyone interested in the 
> latest security/bug fixes and features should help themselves (and 
> preferably others too).  That said, I would assume all such parties to 
> already be helping [at least] themselves, so it's pretty much business 
> as usual; just wanted to be extra explicit about my current input.


Who (if anyone) is currently behind the github "merge pull request"
button for rumprun ?  There are two with failed builds that probably
ought to be rejected, and one of mine that now passes the build :-).

I'm happy to step up if it would help.  (I can't promise to
necessarily get everything right, but I can promise to be receptive to


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