Hello Nikolaus, thanks for the quick response! Apologies if this is a 
duplicate, replying directly to s3ql@googlegroups only didn’t show up in the 
web UI.

> So the only objects that are lost are s3ql_metadata, s3ql_passphrase
> s3ql_seq_no no?


> As long as at least one s3ql_seq_no object is present, this should not
> pose a problem.

Does the particular object matter or is any one sufficient?  I recovered 

> If the s3ql_metadata object is missing, fsck.s3ql can recreate it from
> the .db file. You may have to comment out one or two lines in fsck.s3ql
> to deal with the complete absence of existing metadata.

Good to hear, I looked into the patches that you’ve posted previously for 
prioritizing local cache.

> The s3ql_passphrase object can be recovered from the master key, but
> currently there is no code to do that.

Not so good to hear, if this is the roadblock that it sounds like, I’m in for a 
restoration from scratch.

> Sounds like a terrible idea. What are you trying to achieve with this?

I’m not a fan of convoluted setups either, they seem prone to breakage.  That 
said, this is a way to get s3ql’s dedupe, encryption, and caching capabilities 
working with ACD.  Surprisingly this test configuration’s performance is more 
than sufficient for my use: personal video that doesn’t change and will only be 
infrequently read at 5-6mbit, and perhaps once a week have new files added.  
The user-facing functionality gap is that the filesystem is offline while the 
local files are synced to acd, otherwise I haven’t run across any issues (other 
than user-stupidity).  If this continues to work, I’m interested in learning to 
code a bit more and take a stab at adding a real ACD backend to s3ql.

Thanks for s3ql, it really does look great.

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