On Aug 10 2018, drobertsonad...@gmail.com wrote:
> But a few days ago the mount went offline with the error: 
> *s3ql.backends.s3c.HTTPError: 
> 413 Request Entity Too Large*
> s3ql.metadata.upload_metadata: Compressing and uploading metadata...
> 2018-08-08 15:41:03.977 18159:Metadata-Upload-Thread root.excepthook: 
>     raise HTTPError(resp.status, resp.reason, resp.headers)
> s3ql.backends.s3c.HTTPError: 413 Request Entity Too Large

Most likely your metadata object has exceeded the maximum size allowed
by the server (this means that s3ql_verify will not show the problem,
because it does not upload any metadata).

Unfortunately there is currently no workaround for this. See 


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