I haven’t participated in any discussions here in a while and I don’t know 
if you discussed something like this before, but I couldn’t find anything.

I’m teaching a large course this semester (>400 students are signed up for 
the tutorial sessions although less make it to class…).
It is a first university level course for math edu students (i.e. they want 
to become math teachers) but half of the class is also
in a program called “information systems” (economy and computer science 

I want to offer “optional" / bonus homework using SMC. That is, I want to 
give them assignments that they should solve in SMC
where I grade them (half-)automatically. However, since these are optional, 
I don’t want to sign all of them up for SMC but since on the other hand I 
could potentially get a few hundred
submissions, I don’t want to make them send me an email if they want to do 
these problems either.

Other people might be in similar situation where the following feature 
would be desirable:
I would like to announce a course signup link on the website of my course 
so that a student could click on the link and would be 
presented with a signup form for SMC and automatically enrolled in a course 
that I created in a project in SMC.
If the student already has an account, they could enter their credentials 
to log in and be added to the course.

I think this should be not too hard to implement (I guess) but extremely 
helpful. What do you think?


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