Thanks for the suggestions, they both work. 
With some more experimenting, I also found that when the student's file is 
still open, if I simply close the "course" tab before closing the student's 
file, then I will be taken back to the folder containing all the student's 
files when I close the student's file. And of course there is always the 
browser's "back" button as a last resort....


On Thursday, March 16, 2017 at 12:43:00 PM UTC-5, Aaron Tresham wrote:
> If you click on the "Files" button before closing the first student file, 
> I believe it will show you the folder of student files. You can then open a 
> second file (and close the first if you want).
> Aaron
> On Wednesday, March 15, 2017 at 3:15:34 PM UTC-10, 
> wrote:
>> This is a minor issue, but it does make things a bit harder: when I 
>> collect a student assignment by clicking on the Collect button and then 
>> click on the Open button next to it to open the copy of the assignment, I 
>> see the list of files inside the assignment folder, as expected. But if I 
>> open one of those files to look at it, and then I close it again, I am not 
>> taken back to the folder containing the file. I am instead taken back to 
>> the page listing the assignments with the Collect and Open buttons, and if 
>> I want to look at a second file I have to click on the Open button again. 
>> Maybe this is intentional, but it would work better for me if I was taken 
>> back to the list of files so that I can look at several of them without 
>> having to re-open the folder every time.

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