Hello folks,

there are two problems with singular in 2.5.0alpha2:

The first one is that the current package is missing Singular/
Singular.rc.in despite William adding it a while back (from SAGE.txt):

* 20070105 William Stein
 + included Singular/Singular.rc.in which was missing for some
   reason and is needed by the cygwin build.

That is obviously fixed by trowing a copy in the spkg again ;)

The next one occurs when attempting to link libsingular.so:

g++  -export-dynamic  -o libsingular.so \
          libsingular-tesths.o iparith.o mpsr_Tok.o claptmpl.o \
          grammar.o scanner.o attrib.o eigenval_ip.o extra.o fehelp.o
feOpt.o ip
assign.o ipconv.o ipid.o iplib.o ipprint.o ipshell.o lists.o sdb.o
fglm.o interp
olation.o silink.o subexpr.o janet.o wrapper.o libparse.o sing_win.o
gms.o pcv.o
 maps_ip.o walk.o walk_ip.o cntrlc.o misc.o  Singular_res.o
slInit_Static.o mpsr
_Put.o mpsr_PutPoly.o mpsr_GetPoly.o mpsr_sl.o mpsr_Get.o
mpsr_GetMisc.o mpsr_Er
ror.o ndbm.o sing_dbm.o -lkernel -L../kernel -L../factory -L../libfac -
5.alpha2/local/lib -lsingfac -lsingcf -lntl -lreadline -lgmp -
lomalloc_ndebug ..
sing_win.o:sing_win.cc:(.text+0x91): undefined reference to
 undefined reference to [EMAIL PROTECTED]'
Info: resolving _rl_line_buffer by linking to __imp__rl_line_buffer
Info: resolving _rl_readline_name by linking to
__imp__rl_readline_name (auto-im
Info: resolving _rl_attempted_completion_function by linking to
ted_completion_function (auto-import)
Info: resolving _rl_outstream by linking to __imp__rl_outstream (auto-
collect2: ld returned 1 exit status
make[3]: *** [libsingular] Error 1
make[3]: Leaving directory `/sage-2.5.alpha2/spkg/build/
make[2]: *** [libsingular] Error 2
make[2]: Leaving directory `/sage-2.5.alpha2/spkg/build/

Unable to build Singular.


The issues is "undefined reference to [EMAIL PROTECTED]'". To quote
http://www.cryer.co.uk/brian/mswinswdev/msdev_lnk2001ueswm.htm :

"The linker is looking for the entry point for a console application,
but the application is being compiled and linked as a windows
application (i.e. not a console application)."

The issues on that webpage is related to MSVC, but also applies to gcc
under cygwin. I read somewhere that Windows doesn'T look for main, but
the linker renames that function for some idiotic reason (feel free to
correct me)

I am not quite sure how to fix this, maybe Martin has an answer once
he is home again. I am going to bed now and hopefully the issues has
been resolved in the morning.



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