SageMath is a computer algebra system that 
provides an interface to a large number of open source packages for both 
symbolic and numeric computations, including especially numpy.  But unlike 
a lot of open source SageMath bundles most of these software packages in a 
single distribution (including its own Python) and runs in its own 
environment. This makes installation of some external packages such as 
ArrayFire somewhat more complex.

To the best of my knowledge at this time SageMath does not include any 
GPU-accelerated packages. I have successfully installed ArrayFire, the 
Python bindings and afnumpy in the SageMath environment however 
when I attempt to import arrayfire I get a message about not being able to 
access the required libraries. I have tried following the advice at concerning setting 
LD_LIBRARY_PATH but so far without success. On the other hand I am able to 
install and use this same combination of software in the system-level 
Python without any problems.

I am also able to install an ArrayFire alternative: CUDAmat and gnumpy, 
into the SageMath environment and use it successfully in SageMath.

Any help or suggestions on how to get ArrayFire working in SageMath would 
be most welcome.  I apologize in advance for cross-posting with the 
SageMath developer list and would be glad to continue this thread 
separately in either group.


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