Regarding mathematics students just using matching...

Yes, I think that most students want to just get a passing grade,
and then do something else with their lives.
As my wife said, the day after she retired, "See, I never used cosine".

There is another theme emerging here, which is that if all a mathematician
needs to do is follow PRESS-like rules, then maybe if we add to the rules
we could say that all one needs to be "intelligent" is to follow
(a larger set of) PRESS-like rules.
And then what does it mean to be "conscious" other than to follow
(an even larger set of) PRESS-like rules.

Now we have opened up a wonderful can of worms,  Check out the
alleged conflict between computing / cognitive science and philosophers
like John Searle.

(my view: Searle entirely misconstrues what computer scientists are
trying to do; he has built his career on this.  Nevertheless fun to read and
pick at his arguments.  I don't know what the PRESS people think about
him, actually.)



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