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On 2018-04-07, Dima Pasechnik <dimp...@gmail.com> wrote:
> By the way, there are (optional) GAP packages included in Sage that fetch 
> things from 
> the internet, namely atlasrep.
> Atlasrep does caching of the data it downloads, though.

So does p_group_cohomology. It ships a "public database" stored in
SAGE_SHARE (thus, available to all users of a Sage installation),
and if a user does his/her own computations or downloads data then
stuff is put into a "private database" in DOT_SAGE.

> There is a need to test code which depends on external databases.

I have such tests: A very small database in the same format as the
external database is formed by some files that are shipped with the
package, and in the test web access is replaced by local file access.

> It could be that the problems you see are very hard to reproduce due to 
> this.
> Have you tried sorting these out?

Jeroen meanwhile said that he noticed a slowness in my spkg's tests,

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