On Tue, Apr 10, 2018 at 7:16 PM, Jordan Argyle <jordana...@gmail.com> wrote:
> My immediate issue is that I tried to compile SageMath from the Github (git
> clone https://github.com/sagemath/sage.git), and it broke trying to compile
> Python. Logs are attached. Note that I tried to build python 3 times, so
> there's a little repeat at the end of the logs.
> However, my ultimate goal is to set up a multi-dev box. Basically, I want to
> create a single Anaconda/Jupyter install that has some 15 kernels in it,
> including SageMath. I'm somewhat knew to building code and such, but I'm not
> completely at ground zero. While help fixing the python problem would be
> appreciated, I would rather have some help thinking through how to compile
> SageMath and hook it up to my existing Anaconda install...and how to create
> a Python environment for it! I already have several other codes with their
> own environments built (special-use software stuff), and I'd like to avoid
> having multiple python instances running. I did find this, but that's not
> really the solution I'm hoping for.
> I'm running Ubuntu on a VM, giving it 4 GB of RAM and 4 cores. If you need
> any more info, let me know. I know this has come up a few times in forums
> and things. I'm willing to write out the instructions for how I got it going
> and post them here to be put on the various forums/instructions/web
> sites/etc, but I need some help from people much better at computers than I.
> Thank you!

Hi Jordan,

First of all, on the conda stuff, there is already an (still
"experimental" I think) Sage package for conda.  See


I'm not exactly sure how that fits in with your vision, but most
likely if you want to use Sage in Anaconda, playing with that and also
seeing what work is needed for it would be the place to start.  As it
is you can also create a Jupyter kernel that runs a Sage installation
that's separate from the Python installation that Jupyter is running
in--this has already been done before.  But the way
Sage-the-distribution works it doesn't otherwise make sense to somehow
"hook" Sage into a different Python installation.  It's just asking
for trouble.  So I would look into the Sage package for conda.

As for your Python build issue I'm not sure.  It looks like it's
failing on a flag being passed to your gcc: "-fp-model strict".
That's an option for Intel Compiler and is not recognized from gcc.
I'm not sure where that came from unless it came from your environment
somehow.  Sage doesn't support compiling with ICC AFAIK.


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