You're right. You need to request a trac account. Once you have been 
granted a username, then authenticate your trac account via SSH and finally 
link your public key to it. See the following for details on how to do that.

Note: you can comment on tickets without authenticating through SSH, but if 
you want to commit code, you will need to do this first.


On Thursday, 1 March 2018 15:24:06 UTC+5:30, Meghana.M Reddy wrote:
> Apparently, to be able to get commit access to trac git repo, we need to 
> obtain an trac account. Github login allows us to only comment on tickets.
> Hence, I assume the problem mentioned above is due to using github for 
> login.
> On Thursday, March 1, 2018 at 1:44:45 PM UTC+5:30, Meghana.M Reddy wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I have been trying to set up git trac so that I can try to fix some bugs.
>> I used my github login to be able to use the trac server.
>> I have created an ssh key pair and uploaded the public ssh key in 
>> preferences in the trac account.
>> However, when I use this command with my github username and password - 
>> git trac config --user USERNAME --pass 'PASSWORD'
>> I get this error - 
>> git_trac.trac_error.TracAuthenticationError: Authentication with trac 
>> server failed.
>> I am unable to fix the error. Maybe because I'm using a github login? 
>> Please help me out.
>> Thank you,
>> Meghana

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