Jean-Pierre Flori had done some work on Cygwin for that ticket.
Did it somehow go missing?
I don’t remember anything like what you observe being mentioned.

> On 19/05/2017, at 19:57, Erik Bray <> wrote:
> ECM build fails on Cygwin:
> [ecm-7.0.4.p0] checking for DLL/static GMP... DLL
> [ecm-7.0.4.p0] configure: error: gmp.h is a DLL: use --disable-static
> --enable-shared
> [ecm-7.0.4.p0] Error configuring GMP-ECM.
> [ecm-7.0.4.p0] (See above for the options passed to its 'configure'.)
> I don't know why it doesn't get the right flags in the first place,
> but I do see some bits about that in the spkg-install, which I haven't
> looked closely at.  I also don't know why it thinks "gmp.h is a DLL"
> but I'm guessing that's just a poorly worded message.

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