As always, you can get the latest beta version from the "develop" git 
branch. Alternatively, the self-contained source tarball is at 

ac8cf16c5c (tag: 8.9.beta5, trac/develop) Updated SageMath version to 
73d2ad18c0 Trac #27819: Poset(), error checking when linear_extension=True
db426b3de5 Trac #28310: some changes in a few while
0d67ce1f41 Trac #28303: better string representation of Macaulay2 elements
9d327f005e Trac #28301: remove deprecated method immediate_dominators
042137ad3b Trac #28300: py3: fix last 2 doctests in French book
75ff484366 Trac #28290: remove some deprecated stuff in graphs and digraphs
0ad39b9a9c Trac #28277: py3: add the graphs/ folder to known passing
d951d9499d Trac #28225: Allow sage to run in the absence of sage-env
79a719845f Trac #28221: minor improvement in bidirectional_dijkstra
a62d7fa54e Trac #28195: Implement LexUP and LexDOWN
74b6587a59 Trac #27875: Cythonize line_graph
e1de3839b2 Trac #28296: Random failure in src/sage/rings/
564f26fe5f Trac #28200: reduce base field for scheme morphisms
d825f97db1 Trac #28023: matplotlib 2.2.4 + patches
92ff95d408 Trac #27692: py3: fix src/sage/misc/nested_class.pyx
27a54e331a Trac #26932: Upgrade to givaro-4.1.1 fflas-ffpack-2.4.3 
3caf34d332 Trac #23813: Implement matrix action on polynomial scheme 
faa92bddc6 Trac #28208: spkg-configure.m4 for symmetrica
97fb8a6a43 Trac #27827: spkg-configure.m4 for pkgconf
4cc096527a Trac #28268: some typos in combinat
db35be1dca Trac #28260: Fix typo commmand -> command
9b8b6c4061 Trac #28267: a small typo ticket
3f60aae59a Trac #28232: py3: fix doctests in doctest/test
729d504608 Trac #28137: Fix broken link on Git setup page in Developer's 
b4d255ca65 Trac #28123: Implement method to return the p-primary part of an 
6916817f00 Trac #28071: Enhance global_height functionality for other fields
36f9e45109 Trac #27984: Coersion of inputs of orbit into projective space
1519de3f6a Trac #28266: Improve speed of diagram algebra multiplication
07314c1b48 Trac #28256: add .is_self_dual method for polytopes
ab950f0e69 Trac #28253: Fixing method "is_SPP()" for plane partition
3237170bc2 Trac #28240: Move rational methods of the backend normaliz to 
the `_QQ` class
bc9b5e20b8 Trac #28236: add a way to restrict an index face set
5d6531f38b Trac #28235: py3: polyhedron folder with optional packages
504977080b Trac #28233: fix doctest in gap_packages when ~/.gap is not empty
6688d1b1d4 Trac #28227: py3 fixes for
75b5ab2aca Trac #28217: awali spkg-install wrong on Python 3
4aa32b980d Trac #28204: p_group_cohomology version 3.2
034d7f8bec Trac #28188: MeatAxe arithmetic tables
d9e5056677 Trac #27993: Make outer normal fans readily available
9e9a2a4c6b Trac #27987: CombinatorialPolyhedron improve initialization, 
remove bug for unbounded polyhedra
1537fe511b (tag: 8.9.beta4) Updated SageMath version to 8.9.beta4

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