Thanks, between that and the source code I know understand what is happening.
The configure script never checked that the flags are supported by the compiler.
Instead it runs some assembly code to identify the cpu ID and infer the 
from that information. Actual code using the extensions in question is not 
and therefore, neither are the flags.

The test code has the following comment

/* find supported instruction set
    return value:
    0           = 80386 instruction set
    1  or above = SSE (XMM) supported by CPU (not testing for O.S. support)
    2  or above = SSE2
    3  or above = SSE3
    4  or above = Supplementary SSE3 (SSSE3)
    5  or above = SSE4.1
    6  or above = SSE4.2
    7  or above = AVX supported by CPU and operating system
    8  or above = AVX2
    9  or above = AVX512F
    10 or above = AVX512VL
    11 or above = AVX512BW, AVX512DQ

For your cpu, with gcc-4.8.5 the program returned 12.

> On 6/08/2019, at 5:49 PM, Markus Wageringel <> 
> wrote:
> <config.log>

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