Yes, that fits. Now that I know to look, I see buried in my gap install log 

Uninstalling existing 'gap'
Running pre-uninstall script for 'gap'
line 13: /Users/jpalmier/Desktop/Sage/git/sage/src/bin/sage-dist-helpers: 
No such file or directory
Error: failed to source sage-dist-helpers
Is /Users/jpalmier/Desktop/Sage/git/sage the correct SAGE_ROOT?
Error: The pre-uninstall script for 'gap' failed; the package will not be 
uninstalled, and some manual intervention may be needed to repair the 
package's state before uninstallation can proceed.  Check further up in 
this log for more details, or the pre-uninstall script itself at 

On Thursday, August 15, 2019 at 10:58:22 AM UTC-7, Markus Wageringel wrote:
> This also happened to me a few weeks ago. The underlying problem seems to 
> be that the uninstall script fails because it tries to call 
> sage-dist-helpers, but cannot find it. This file has recently been moved 
> from src/bin to build/bin, which the uninstall script cannot know about. 
> Once upgraded to Gap 4.10.2.p0, it points to the new location of 
> sage-dist-helpers, so this particular problem should not happen again.
> This has also been reported on devel [1,2] and might affect more Mac users 
> when upgrading to 8.9. Perhaps a copy of sage-dist-helpers could be added 
> back to src/bin for some deprecation period?
> [1]!topic/sage-devel/cdw793St6cE
> [2]!topic/sage-devel/h-hXvO2fxgc

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